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3 best magfed paintball brands and markers for 2022

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Buying a magfed marker in 2022

Paintballing is a sport that many take up to get the feel of adrenaline and combat whilst enjoying the thrill and complex nature of the game. MagFed paintball games are newer to the scene but are taking the paintballing industry by storm. The difference between magfed and other styles of paintballing is the “milsim” feel of the marker where you count your shots just like a traditional firearm. Thats what makes it Magfed.

This month, BattleGear UK are taking a look at 5 of the best magfed paintball markers currently on the market. These markers are suitable for various players and you can find them all on our online store.

Brands and markers for a magfed paintball game

First Strike

First Stike – the name is synonymous with paintball enthusiasts everywhere. The First Strike T15 has become a gold standard for look and feel. What a perfect set-up this paintball marker offers. Built to last and to maintain pinpoint precision in even the harshest of conditions and terrains the T15 marker is one to seriously consider.

With a rugged lightweight aluminium body and high-end accessories that are included in the kits, this marker is easily one of the most popular on the market to date. For optimum manoeuvrability whilst you are out on the field, First Strike is your answer. Not only will you have a marker that offers precision like no other, but First Strike markers are also of course compatible with FSR – First Strike rounds. These paintballs offer maintained velocity and unrivalled accuracy thanks to their stabilising technology. Environmentally friendly and degradable, FSR’s are a true win for paintball technology worldwide.

Planet Eclipse

The EMF100 from Planet Eclipse is a great paintball marker as it shoots both with speed and accuracy. You can easily hit targets up to 50 feet away. It also holds 15 rounds of paintballs. The EMF100 is extremely consistent, reliable, robust and has a great overall design that puts the marker in a good position alongside its competition. The EMF100 doesn’t come with a lot of accessories and extras but many feel that’s made up for with its performance out on the field. The reason the EMF 100 delivers such a great performance can be simply attributed to the fact it’s made by Planet Eclipse. Known for creating some of the best paintball markers in the world, Planet Eclipse really went all out when making their first magfed marker the EMF100.

The EMF100 is an accurate rifle that shoots incredibly smooth and quiet. With dual-feed ports, there is no need for batteries or charging. The Gamma Core drivetrain provides incredible accuracy.


Known as one of the best markers for beginners or players with a tighter budget, the Tippmann Stormer Elite is a lightweight and durable marker with a brilliant reputation. This marker comes with two magazines, and a dual-feed design that can be converted from a loader to magazine fed quickly and easily. One of the only negatives about this marker is its inability to use First Strike paintballs however this is not an issue for most players who enjoy the weight and feel of the marker rather than what paintball brand it can shoot with.

With a composite body that’s durable and easy to use when out in the field, it’s no wonder this marker belongs to Tippmann. Known for creating some of the most durable and accessible markers, the Tippmann Stormer Elite is definitely worth investigating in more detail.

Considerations for buying a magfed paintball marker

Bear in mind that not all magfed paintball markers are the same and no two will give you the same feel or shoot style. Some markers are close in resemblance to a real firearm, these tend to be heavier. Other markers are closer to a traditional marker with a paintball magazine attached – these tend to be lighter. Check whether your chosen magfed paintball marker is built to shoot automatic or semi-automatic.

In order to ensure you are buying a magfed marker that is ideal for you and your shooting style, we recommend speaking to an expert. Luckily, we have several of them here at BattleGear UK and are always happy to help fellow paintball enthusiasts with picking the right marker for them. Just get in contact to speak to an expert.

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Get the latest MagFed info and equipment from BattleGear UK in 2022

MagFed is a style of “paintball” that uses magazines instead of paintballs. This makes the game faster-paced, more exciting and much more accessible for all kinds of players. MagFed markers are usually a bit more expensive than standard paintball markers. They are also able to fire in both semi-auto and sometimes full-auto modes and with a box mag can hold up to 50 paintballs, making them ideal for the speed of MagFed games.

BattleGear UK is one of the leading magfed paintball specialists in the UK. We are suppliers of the latest in markers, accessories and paintballs. Not only do we provide the latest equipment, but we also give the best advice whether you are just getting into the sport, or if you have been a lifelong enthusiast of the game. For advice and support or information on the latest releases, get in contact with BattleGear UK today.