Immortal Air

IMMORTAL AIR™ are proud to have been the catalyst and architect of that revolutionary odyssey from CO2 to HPA (High-Pressure Air). From the APOLCALYPSE™, ARMAGEDDON™ and ME’LEE™ regulators at Air America Inc™ to the AMBUSH™, ASSAULT™ and MYTH™ regulators at Guerrilla Air Inc™. Since the beginning, Immortal Air has always brought the very best & most innovative regulators ever produced to the paintball industry!
30 years of unsurpassed technology, safety and reliability combined with progressive innovation are embodied in a new generation of regulators, named the 3000psi Lil’ Bit™ and the 4500psi Aura™. The newest line of regulators is extremely safe, very tough and simply keeps working with supreme reliability and efficiency!

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