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Paul Strutt
Managing Director - Paul Strutt

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Battle Gear UK is the brainchild of Paul Strutt, successful event organiser of OMG (Only Magfed Games) and Blacksheep Events, and site owner at District 23, Indoor Paintball/Airsoft Arena. BattlegearUK.com is yet another example of his continued commitment to UK Paintball aimed at providing quality paintball products.

“Building a successful business is challenging but I believe Battle Gear UK is what people want right now. If that changes then we will adapt to those changes. First and foremost are our customers wishes and to that end their satisfaction is our focus”
Paul Strutt, Managing Director, Battle Gear UK


Battle Gear UK is the official UK service centre for First Strike markers. Our technician has trained at First Strike’s facilities in Chicago, USA


“Care package inbound”Shipping starts from just £3.95 / FREE delivery by secure courier on orders over £150


Don’t like it? Return it unused in the original packaging within 30 days and we’ll exchange it for your next best preferred product

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  • positive review  good team and does amazing events

    Carl Gyde Avatar Carl Gyde
    8th December 2018

    positive review  Way to go Paul 👍👍 finally !

    Tony Walfridsson Avatar Tony Walfridsson
    5th October 2018

    positive review  bought a pair of battlegear gloves at the event at the NPF. really comfortable to wear, the fit is pretty good. well padded where you need them but not to think so you can still feel and operate your kit. the hardened knuckle pads are a good feature. caught a paintball pretty much pointblank my old gloves would have left a welt. never left a mark. good buy 👍

    Andy Hope Avatar Andy Hope
    26th March 2019
  • positive review  Purchased a Nuprol case for my Hammer 7 sniper build. Great price, service and delivery. Highly recommend. Thanks guys!

    Jason Stretch Avatar Jason Stretch
    22nd November 2018

    positive review  Big thumbs up from me...👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    Chris Ringer Avatar Chris Ringer
    28th October 2019

    positive review  Excellent service, can highly recommend.

    Steve Fieldhouse Avatar Steve Fieldhouse
    13th December 2018
  • positive review  Great service would recommend to anyone

    Mike Stevens Avatar Mike Stevens
    22nd February 2019

    positive review  good service and good things I recommend to everyone, battlegearuk / you are the best! 👌👌👍

    Victor Damian Avatar Victor Damian
    14th February 2020

    positive review  Good service, a passionate players who seek the best product for his customers In love with my new gloves 😉💪

    Jef Push Avatar Jef Push
    21st March 2019