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Established in 2018 BGUK (BattleGearUK Limited) was created by Magfed paintballers for Magfed paintballers. BGUK regularly attends paintball events with our range of Magfed Paintball products. By attending events in person we support paintballers directly with equipment, upgrades and spare parts but also provide face to face help and advice. Meeting customers means we can listen to their requirements first-hand, ask questions and adapt accordingly by adding new brands, products and offers that players want. The rapid rise of Magfed Paintball means there are not always suitable products from the mainstream paintball brands. At BGUK we are constantly seeking out innovative products that will add to the magfed playing experience.


Barrel socks are designed to stop the accidental discharge of paintballs from your marker when not in use.

An Barrel Sock paintball safety device is required in organised play, both paintball tournaments and scenarios.


  • Tough webbing reinforced end
  • Ball/toggle adjuster with quality elastic strap
  • Handy elastic carabina loop (so you can hook to your molly when not in use)
  • Designed for Magfed markers
  • Also available in large for mock supressors

Dimensions: 70mm x 170mm / Elastic: 320mm


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