Planet Eclipse

Planet Eclipse Continuous Feed 20round Magazine – Earth


*for Planet Eclipse EMF100/MG100 and Dye Dam markers

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The Eclipse CF (Continuous Feed) paintball magazine is our first, fully injection moulded continuous feed 20 round magazine for the EMF100 (previously EMG100) and Dye DAM platforms. Its revolutionary design allows quick and accurate loading of both standard 68cal round ball AND First Strike Rounds (FSR)/shaped rounds.

The unique toolless removable side panel means FSR and round-ball can be loaded into the magazine quickly and accurately, ensuring the FSR’s are stacked correctly, which greatly reduces the chances of flipped FSR’s and jams.

These will also fit the Dye DAM platform.

Eclipse CF20 mags can also be coupled together for even greater shot capacity and are fully compatible with the Dye DAM DTM mag couplers.


  • 21 shot round ball and 20 shot shaped round continuous feed
  • Supports 68cal round ball & First Strike Rounds/shaped rounds
  • Durable GRN construction
  • Smoked transparent side panel
  • Toolless side panel for easy loading and cleaning
  • Fully sealed design to keep out dirt and debris
  • Roller Shutter door
  • Breech blocking shaped follower for No Dry Fired shots!
  • Dye DAM mag coupler compatible for even greater shot capacity
  • Integrated Capacity Indicators
  • Pawl and Ratchet winding mechanism
  • EMF100 compatible (includes MG100 and EMG100)
  • Dye DAM compatible



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