Planet Eclipse EMF100 Spare Parts Bag

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Planet Eclipse is responsible for creating reliable, quality, equipment, markers and accessories. Today they are regarded as an industry-leading paintball marker manufacturer with a comprehensive range of markers which include the Ego, Geo, Etek, SL, EMF and accessory equipment that all carry the brand's name. Planet Eclipse built its reputation on unparalleled customer service and technical support. Today more than ever the mission and passion are the same as when the company first started way back in 1991 in Manchester, England as a retail store called Planet Paintball. With offices in the UK and America and tech staff from all over the world, PE is responsible for some of the finest award-winning kick-ass paintball products to hit the paintball field.


A comprehensive spare parts kit for your Eclipse EMF100 paintball marker.

Please note: Picture for illustration purposes only – parts and quantities listed may vary.

Kit Includes

  • x2 005 NBR 90 O-Ring
  • x2 008 NBR 70 O-Ring
  • x2 010 NBR 70 O-Ring
  • x4 011 NBR 70 O-Ring
  • x2 012 NBR 70 O-Ring
  • x4 013 NBR 70 O-Ring
  • x2 015 NBR 70 O-Ring
  • x2 015 NBR 90 O-Ring
  • x4 016 NBR 70 O-Ring
  • x2 017 NBR 70 O-Ring
  • x4 020 NBR 70 O-Ring
  • x2 14×2 NBR 70 O-Ring
  • x1 Etha2 Rear Solenoid Gasket
  • x2 6×1 NBR 70 O-Ring
  • x2 6-32 UNC x 5/16 inch Countersink Socket Screw Patched
  • x1 Reg Relief Spring SP00-009-A
  • x1 SL3 Purge Poppet
  • x1 SL3 Reg Seal
  • x2 Ego Mk2 Ball Detents
  • x2 10-32 UNF x 3/8 inch Buttonhead Screw Patched
  • x2 GEO CS1 #6 Solenoid O-Ring
  • x4 10-32 UNF x 0.5 inch Cap Head Screw
  • x4 6-32 UNC x 0.5 inch Button Head Screw


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