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Battlegear UK are the UK official service centre for First Strike. Based in America, First Strike are a division of United Tactical Systems. First Strike specialise in designing and manufacturing MagFed pneumatic launchers and high pressure air systems.

If you’re looking to custom build your perfect marker, the First Strike T15 custom is the choice for you. For a rifle platform in close quarters with great fire power, First Strike T15 CQB will allow you to take control of your game.

The First Strike T15 DMR and First Strike T15 PDW are both great for the marksman of the team. With a rugged lightweight aluminium body that maintains optimum manoeuvrability, utilising the T15 DMR or T15 PDW MagFed paintball marker with the industry-leading true .68 calibre 1 to 1 AR Rifle platform, these markers are magnificent no matter your game conditions.

For a small machine pistol that packs a punch, the First Strike T15 Machine Pistol is the smallest First Strike T15 build that still encompasses all the First Strike accessories and power of other T15 builds.

For an upgraded paintball marker with a smaller grip frame and shorter length, the First Strike FSC pistol makes the perfect sidearm. The First Strike FSC black pistol can also be modified to be an aggressive CQC primary, powered by 8g or 12g Co2 cartridges.

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Choose Planet Eclipse to take your paintball game to the next level

For reliable and top quality paintball markers and accessories, Planet Eclipse are the small but powerful team taking the nation by storm. From the team that bought you the Eclipse Ego, their first electronic paintball marker, Planet Eclipse have gone from strength to strength in doing what they do best – providing their customers with the latest and greatest paint balling equipment time and time again.

Planet Eclipse EMF100 is sure to have your back on the field every single time. Designed and manufactured by identifying the key weaknesses in current systems and eliminating them from this piece of machinery has resulted in an intelligent solution with incredible performance and reliability. Planet Eclipse MG100 is the result of continuous development taken from other products on the market. Powered by Gamma Core, choosing the MG100 will offer incredible performance to the MagFed game. The adaptable built in EMC rail kit opens your equipment up to endless choices for accessories. Regardless of the conditions in which you are playing, the Planet Eclipse MG100 will deliver successful results every time.

For continuous feed magazines capable of quick and accurate loading across a range of balls, the Planet Eclipse Continuous Feed mags are a brilliant choice. The first CF magazine brought to the Planet Eclipse market that is a fully injection moulded continuous feed has a 20 round magazine for the EMF100 and Dye DAM platforms. Not only are Planet Eclipse Continuous Feed magazines reliable and revolutionary, they can also be couple together for greater shot capacity and are fully compatible with Dye DAM DTM mag couplers.

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Customise and accessorise your Tippmann marker to be unique

For the latest MagFed Extremely Authentic AR styled tactical Carbine Marker, the Tippmann TMC .68 Cal is the only choice for you. Whether you want to go MagFed or for a more traditional look, with the Tippmann TMC offers it all. Fully accessorised giving the owner plenty of unique options and combining the functionality with the World renowned Tippmann reliability makes this marker an incredibly strong contender in competitive markers available on the market today. Black not your colour? Thats not a problem with the Tippmann TMC Tan or Tippmann TMC dark earth choices available.

With Tippmann TMC Elite, you can fully accessorise your marker, giving you perfectly unique options for tactical gaming. Combine elite functionality with Tippmann reliability for a great standard of MagFed products. Tippmann TMC Elite comes with an adjustable Tippmann Air-Thru Stock that can hold a 13ci 3000psi tank.

Take a look at the latest Tippmann products with Battlegear UK.


Battle Gear UK is the official UK service centre for First Strike markers. Our technician has trained at First Strike’s facilities in Chicago, USA


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