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First Strike FSC Socom Paintball Pistol


.68 Caliber


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The First Strike FSC SOCOM Pistol is an Upgraded paintball marker using the First Strike FSC pistol as its base starting platform. Designed to have a smaller, modular grip frame and shorter overall length, the FSC makes the perfect sidearm or can be modified to be a lightweight and aggressive CQC primary with the addition of a folding stock, rifled barrel and extended magazine capacity. The FSC can be powered by 8 gram or 12-gram Co2 cartridges(with use of T8.1/T9.1 Magazine) or High-Pressure Air *(HPA) and accepts 8.1/9.1 barrels making this one of the most customizable platforms on the market.

Personalize your FSC SOCOM Pistol to your style of play. The FSC accepts many existing T8.1/T9.1 accessories so you can build your marker to help you dominate the field.

The First Strike FSC SOCOM Pistol is constructed of high-quality aluminium and lightweight glass-filled nylon, this marker is modular and ready for action. Run it as your primary or fold the stock and use it as your secondary.

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*HPA Tanks sold separately

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