Planet Eclipse Power Stock for EMF100

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Planet Eclipse is now creating quality, reliable, equipment, accessories and industry-leading electronic paintball markers such as the Ego, Geo, Etek, SL, EMF and equipment that all carry one name Planet Eclipse. Planet Eclipse built their reputation on unparalleled customer service and technical support and today more than ever the mission and the passion is the same. With offices in the UK and the US and tech staff from all over the world, Planet Eclipse are now responsible for some of the finest award-winning, kick-ass paintball products to hit the paintball field, whatever your arena!


The Eclipse PWR Stock is designed for quick adjustment, maximum stability and improved sighting, making it a supremely effective upgrade to your tactical loadout. Designed to accept HPA tanks with a max external diameter of 51mm/2″, the Eclipse PWR Stock is an enhanced buttstock that combines to give both tank protection, and a fully integrated profile. The lever operated adjustment arm allows you to quickly position the PWR Stock to any of the 11 numbered lock-in points. The ergonomically contoured shoulder grip reduces slippage to help improve accuracy.


  • Tough light GRN construction
  • Lever operated adjustment arm extends quickly to 11 lock-in points
  • Positive shoulder grip reduces slippage
  • Accepts HPA tanks up to a max diameter of 51mm/2″

Designed for use with these models of markers/setups:

  • Eclipse Emek MG100
  • Emeks with EMC Kit installed
  • Etha 2 with EMC Kit installed

Composition: Glass Reinforced Nylon (GRN)


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