LAPCO Fake Suppressor Universal

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LAPCO (Los Angeles Paintball Company) was started in the Summer of 1987. As a pioneer in the paintball industry, they have committed to bringing the best paintball barrels to the market world wide. In creating their barrels, they use cutting edge design technology to produce barrels that are unparalleled in quality. Since the day they opened their doors the barrel brand has produced some of the hottest barrels to ever hit paintball fields. Over time, LAPCO has expanded their product line and now has a variety of paintball barrel adaptors and tips to add to its ever-expanding product lineup. [rev_slider alias="lapco-barrel-options"][/rev_slider]


For those players looking for something aesthetically intimidating, look no further than the Lapco Universal Fake Suppressor.

This accessory works with any length barrel and is packaged with three sizing sleeves enabling it to be easily mounted to 95% of barrels sold today.
6 3/4 Long by 1 3/4 Dia. (Includes plastic sizing sleeves to fit 1 inch and 7/8 barrels)

This product also doubles as a rain guard for playing in inclement weather.

Mounting Instructions:


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