Art Paintball .43cal “Huntsman” Paintballs (250)

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Suitable for Umarex Pistols

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ART Paintballs rely on a 3-layer paintball shell construction and is the only manufacturer worldwide to do so. Combined with special materials these paintballs are longer-lasting and less sensitive to external environmental influences such as heat and rain. The fill is always 100% PEG (Polyethylene Glycol) which is completely biodegradable. PEG is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and begins breaking down once the paintball is broken and exposed to ultraviolet sunlight. Art paintballs offer exceptional performance and flight behaviour relative to their cost and come in an extensive range of grades with different performance characteristics relative to the type of paintball being played. Magfed, Tournament, Woodsball or practice there is a suitable ball in summer or winter.


Shell: Green Metallic /White
Fill: Ultra Yellow
Brittleness – Hard
Weather Formula: Off-Season
Medium 3
Calibre: 0.43

Hunstman Paintballs are designed specifically for mag-fed paintball markers. Huntsman paintballs won’t deform or break inside your mags and will shoot ball on ball all day long.

Our magfed specific paint is now available in 250 round bag

  • Shell made from medical gelatine and food components
  • Natural non-toxic fill
  • 100% Biodegradable

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