Abbey Anti Fog Spray

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Abbey Supply Ltd started in 1975 by producing silicone-based lubricants for air gunners and has continued to expand its product range to include greases, oils, sprays and cleaning cloths. The marvellous properties of silicone are now widely understood but, previously, no specialist lubricants were available, which caused airguns to ‘diesel ‘. Dieseling is an explosion of the oil/air mix within the compression chamber of a gun which causes a rapid but uncontrolled exit of the pellet. This effect is dramatic, dangerous and can lead to damage being caused to the gun. The inert properties of our silicone lubricants remove this problem whilst still providing all of the cleansing and lubricating benefits to your airsoft gunshotgunrifle or airgun.


Cold weather, sweating and heavy breathing all cause misting of goggles, visors, scopes and other equipment. This leads to loss of vision which can make shooting harder, as well as becoming a safety hazard.

Abbey Anti Fog Spray keeps visors, goggles and scopes clear of misting.


  • Non-soapy solution reduces chances of smearing
  • Breaks down surface tension which allows misting to form on cold surfaces
  • One application will keep equipment mist free all weekend
  • Anti-bacterial additives ensure all equipment is clean and germ-free

Simply spray on and wipe away using a Microfibre Lens Clean Cloth.
Leave a thin invisible film of Abbey AntiFog to give all-day protection from fogging and condensation.
Spray on and wipe off – do not polish it off!

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