Carmatech Supremacy Optical Plus Paintball Scope

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Carmatech Engineering designed, Ballisticly Tuned, etched glass

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Started in 2010, Carmatech Engineering Inc. (CEI) is a mechanical engineering and product design company that utilizes engineering fundamentals to develop products under the CEI label. Since July of 2010 CEI has been working to refine and perfect the SAR12/ SAR12C for paintballers everywhere. Designed in house by Carmatech Managing Director, these specialist markers are made and assembled in small batches almost to order. Every marker is tested for consistency and ranged in using Carmatechs own dedicated Supremacy paintball scope. Carmatech is also very well known for its Nemesis barrel.  This barrel was designed to specifically work with First Strike rounds (FSR).  They also offer an amazing optic for use with FSR, the Supremacy Scope.  This too was designed specifically for use with FSR. Everything Carmatech produce is geared to precision performance for accuracy in paintball and the Nemesis rifled barrel range is no exception. Every barrel starts as a block of aluminium which is then machined down to a finished product. This ensures the straightest barrel possible and the rifling is Carmatechs own patient screw that is designed to perfectly match the FSR projectile from First Strike.


The Carmatech Supremacy Scope sniper visor has been specially developed for the SAR-12. It has a special target reticle that enables easy target acquisition and distance determination. In addition, with the Carmatech SAR-12 Supremacy Scope Visor, you no longer need any adjustable risers to hit your target.

Different sized circles are in the reticle. Once the visor is set (see video), you simply aim using the circles (the head of the target should be as large as the circle) and you are guaranteed to hit your target immediately. – The Carmatech Supremacy Scope is one of the simplest and most effective visors on the market.

Due to the large lens with adjusted focal length, you can comfortably look through the visor with a mask and always have a full overview of the target.

The delivery includes a Killflash grid to attach. This prevents reflections from the lens and camouflages the shooter. It also protects the expensive visor from damage from paintball hits.

  • First Focal Plane (FFP) Reticle
  • Reticle scales (zooms) as a function of magnification
  • Range estimation performance at all zoom levels
  • POA (Points Of Aim) constant at all zoom levels
  • 1-6x variable zoom
  • Large Field of View (FOV)
  • Drop Compensating Reticle (DCR)
  • Range Estimation (RE)
  • 10-yard intervals, 40-130 yards
  • Designed for 270-300 fps marker velocity
  • Works with or without- tiltable scope bases
  • Red/ Green reticle illumination
  • 3.8- 4.2 inch eye relief (Designed for paintball masks)
  • HD 35mm Nato/ Milspec ring set ($40 value)
  • Lens Cloth
  • Kill flash Lens protector


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