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First Strike Hero 68ci 4.5K Bottle


Note that the tank is sold without a regulator, and will require one to be used!

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The new FS regulator features an ultra-low profile and features a tool-less adjustable collar that can be changed on the fly. If you screw on your paintball tank and the fill gauge is pointing in a direction that is inconvenient for you, then simply adjust the collar and position the tank how you want it to line up! It really is that easy! Another great feature about the new FS Regulator is that you won’t ever need to purchase a new one. If you need to adjust the pressure then simply swap out the correct pressure kit and you are good to go! Additional pressure kits are sold separately.

All First Strike Hero tanks feature UNISO certification. This is the highest standard in paintball and covers both DOT and TC certification. These tanks can be used anywhere in the world and are good for a lifetime. Unlike most DOT/TC tanks that only have a lifespan of 15 years while needing to be hydro tested after every 5, the FS Hero tanks are good for a lifetime. Simply re-hydro after every 5 years and you will never need a new tank again!


48ci – Weight: 807g Length: 220mm Diameter:110mm
68ci – Weight: 950g Length: 260mm Diameter:110mm
77ci – Weight: 1027g Length: 280mm Diameter:110mm
88ci – Weight: 1106g Length: 300mm Diameter:110mm
100ci – Weight: 1182g Length: 320mm Diameter:110mm


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