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BattleGear UK is your First Strike paintballing service centre

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The importance of a paintballing service centre

Many of us know the thrill of getting back onto the paintball event fields, starting up our well-oiled equipment and having the time of our lives. The excitement you get from a paintball event is like nothing else, and our paintball equipment often becomes a necessary extension of our bodies throughout the day. But what do you do when your First Strike gear no longer works in the way it should? Paintball equipment is costly, so our first option isn’t always to replace what is seemingly broken but to find someone who can fix our pride and joy. That’s where a paintballing service centre is an invaluable asset to the paintball community.

BattleGear UK is the official UK First Strike Paintballing service centre. We support First Strike clients who require warranty repairs for their paintballing equipment. Our technician trained with the First Strike team in Chicago, Illinois and is trusted with all fault finding and repairs required in the UK. If you have an issue with your paintballing equipment and need professional support, BattleGear UK is here to help.

How can a First Strike paintballing service centre help you?

Far from just being a reliable team you can call upon when you think you are facing an issue with your marker, a paintballing service centre like BattleGear UK aims to cover all elements of your servicing needs. Take a look at our list below to find out more about what we can support you and your marker with:

Fault finding

Got an issue with your marker but cannot seem to find out where it’s coming from? Our qualified team will run an expert fault-finding test to see what the issue is and how it can be resolved.

Strip and clean

Sometimes our markers just need a bit of tender loving care. Hand your marker over to us, and we will strip it down, clean all the parts and put it back together for you so it’s as good as new when you step back into the event field.

Annual servicing

Just like a car, your marker needs an annual check to ensure it’s still running confidently and capably. Not only does this keep you shooting like a pro on the field, but it also protects you and others around you. BattleGear UK can provide an annual servicing to keep your marker in tip-top condition.

Warranty repairs

If your marker fails or breaks in warranty, BattleGear UK can fix it for you! Send it over to us, and we will find out what the problem is before fixing the problem and getting it running like a dream again.


As with all markers and paintball equipment, sometimes it needs a bit of an upgrade, and that’s where we can step in. Whether it’s an upgraded part or something a little more substantial, we are the paintballing service centre you need.

Spares from stock

As a reputable paintball supplier, we have access to a large amount of stock. If you need a part replacement, we will search our stockist for you and replace it with any spares we have available.

First Strike products available with BattleGear UK

As a worldwide market leader in magfed paintball equipment, First Strike has a considerable amount of products available so you can get fully kitted out in their latest gear. From clothing to accessories, magfed sniper rifles to pistols and everything in between, you won’t be disappointed when choosing a First Strike paintball product.

Some of our favourite First Strike products are:

T15-DMR Marker – built for the perfect marksman on your team, the T15-DMR features a lightweight aluminium body that can withstand even the harshest of terrains and keep your aim accurate every step of the way. Customise your marker to adjust your gameplay and switch quickly between hopper mode and magazine mode with the dual feed system – what’s not to love!

FSC Paintball Pistol – If you are looking for a lightweight sidearm, why not try the handy FSC pistol? A compact .68 caliber pistol that has a range of accessories so you can build out your perfect marker. The FSC Paintball Pistol is available in a variety of colours, and if you are looking for a limited edition piece, take a look at the silver/black or brown/tan.

First Strike .68Cal Projectiles 150 rounds (green) – If you are looking to make your mark on the battlefield, you cannot go wrong with First Strike Projectiles. First Strike projectiles work with their marker counterparts for the perfect shot. Spot your mark from a great distance with their vibrant colours!

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Speak to BattleGear UK today about your First Strike Paintball gear

Whether you are having trouble with your marker, you need to upgrade your equipment, or you are looking for a reliable paintball supplier on your speed dial, BattleGear UK is here to support you with all your paintballing needs. Established in 2018 with a specialism in the MagFed market, BattleGear UK has become well known in the paintball industry as a team that will help with almost anything.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your paintball equipment or learn more about the services and products we have available!