Tippmann TiPX/TCR Basic Parts Kit

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Since 1986 Tippmann has been one of the worlds leading paintball manufacturers with a reputation for producing some of the finest paintball guns and paintball equipment worldwide. Tippmann Paintball produces innovative high-quality equipment known for its reliability and durability. From Stormers to the ever-popular TMC, Battle Gear UK stocks the latest Tippmann Magfed products. We have added some of the top-selling Tippmann guns to our starter packages so you can save money whilst getting a high-quality paintball setup.


Tippmann TiPX/TCR Universal Parts Kit T220105

The Universal parts kit comes with a full range of factory replacement parts for maintenance on your TiPX Pistol/TCR Paintball Gun. Carrying case included.

Universal Parts Kit Includes:
1 – Receiver Screw (Short)
1 – Regulator/Air Valve/Puncture Valve O-ring
1 – Air Valve O-Ring (Large)
2 – Firing Valve O-Ring
1 – Front Bolt O-Ring
1 – Air Valve O-Ring
1 – Puncture Valve O-Ring
1 – Gas Line/Air Fitting O-Ring
1 – Barrel Adapter O-Ring
1 – Front Bolt Buffer O-Ring
1 – Co2 Cap O-Ring
1 – Regulator Piston O-Ring
1 – Pressure Bleeder O-Ring
1 – Ball Latch
1 – Puncture Pin
1 – 12 Gram Puncture Seal
1 – Puncture Pin Cap
1 – Receiver Nut
1 – Breech Window
1 – Air Fitting Screw
1 – Regulator Pin


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