Planet Eclipse EMEK EMF100 Sword – Battle Worn Ultra Violent Cerakote “LIMITED EDITION”

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Planet Eclipse is responsible for creating reliable, quality, equipment, markers and accessories. Today they are regarded as an industry-leading paintball marker manufacturer with a comprehensive range of markers which include the Ego, Geo, Etek, SL, EMF and accessory equipment that all carry the brand's name. Planet Eclipse built its reputation on unparalleled customer service and technical support. Today more than ever the mission and passion are the same as when the company first started way back in 1991 in Manchester, England as a retail store called Planet Paintball. With offices in the UK and America and tech staff from all over the world, PE is responsible for some of the finest award-winning kick-ass paintball products to hit the paintball field.


The EMEK EMF100 is now available exclusively from us in the Sword – Battle Worn Ultra-Violent Cerakote design. This is limited to ten pieces worldwide. When it’s gone, it’s gone. This is your chance! 

The EMC kit of the Sword – Battle Worn Ultra-Violent EMEK EMF100 was coated with a Cerakote-H coating. Cerakote-H is a ceramic-based baked polymer coating. It is extremely resistant to abrasion and wear, while at the same time having high impact strength. The Cerakote coating is very chemical resistant so paint or oil will not affect the coating. Cerakote is only 1mm thick when applied, allowing a smooth, thin coat to be applied that will not affect the markers’ specifications even with multiple coats of paint. With a choice of a short CQB or a longer carabiner variant, the EMC Kit gives you countless options for adapting the EMF100 to your needs. No matter if additional rails, visors or handles, you will find the place for them.

MagFed. A format where every shot counts. Every single one. There is no room for error. No room for flaws in your game. And definitely no room for flaws in your equipment. You pull the trigger, you need it to launch around down-range. Every. Single. Time. With decades of experience in manufacturing the most technologically advanced, the most heavily researched, and the most extensively tested markers in the world PLanet Eclipse decided to apply its skills to the MagFed world. The result? The EMF100. Powered by the outstanding Gamma Core, the EMF100 offers previously unseen levels of performance and reliability to the MagFed game. From blistering desert heat to frozen wastelands and tropical jungles, there isn’t a more durable, refined or efficient drivetrain in paintball. And for the more creative MagFed player, the EMF100’s adaptable built-in EMC rail kit opens up a whole world of accessorising. From lightweight CQB to sniper or full-blown heavy gunner configurations, the EMF100 can become anything, for any player. Whatever your game. Whatever your style. The EMF100 has you covered.


  • Limited Sword – Battle Worn Ultra-Violent Cerakote Design
  • MagFed and Loader Fed Configurations
  • Spool Valve operation
  • Gamma Core Drivetrain
  • Compatible with DYE DTM Magazines
  • Custom Mechanical 3-Way Valve
  • Glass Reinforced Nylon Outer Composition
  • Single Finger Hinge Frame
  • 135psi Operating Pressure
  • Soft-Touch Bolt with 3-Stage Bolt Acceleration
  • Valve Chamber Shut-Off and Breech Sensing Drivetrain
  • Adjustable Lever Operated PAL Compatible Clamping Feed tube
  • Deftek Offset Feed Integrated SL4 Inline Regulator
  • External Velocity Adjustment
  • 14.5″ 2-Piece Barrel – Cocker Threads
  • Dual Density Toolless Clamshell Grips
  • Hoseless Air Transfer System
  • Eclipse Mag Follower and Spring Upgrade Kit Included
  • Comes With Eclipse PWR Stock
  • Compatible With MOE™ Rail Panels (Sold Separately)

In the box:

  • EMEK EMF100 Marker Sword – LIMITED EDITION
  • Eclipse PWR Stock Sword – LIMITED EDITION
  • 14.5″ 2-Piece Barrel
  • 2 x Barrel Bags (Wide and Standard Fitment)
  • Eclipse Blanking Mag
  • DYE DTM-20 Round Magazine
  • 2 x Upgraded Springs and 2 x Upgraded Followers
  • PAL Compatible Feedneck
  • Feedneck Blanking Plate
  • Drop Stock Adaptor
  • Spares
  • Hex Keys
  • Grease
  • Manual

Additional information

Magazine Bundle

1 Magazine, 3 Magazines, 5 Magazines

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