First Strike T15-Body Kit (semi-auto)

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.68 Caliber

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First Strike Paintball are a worldwide market leader in high-quality Milsim Magfed markers. Not only are their markers well built but they also offer versatility through a large range of accessories and add-ons that can be used to turn a basic T15 rifle into a variety of platforms such as CQB through to DMR. We import, stock and supply more FS paintball equipment in the UK than any other retailer, so we know a thing or two about this US brand. You will never get bored of it! Shop First Strike Paintball at Battle Gear UK and browse the selection of Magfed paintball markers, paintball sniper rifles, paintball pistols, parts and accessories.


The First Strike T15-Body Kit includes an upper and lower receiver body which is the heart of First Strike’s magazine fed paintball marker, the industry-leading true .68 calibre 1-to-1 AR rifle platform. The First Strike T15-Body Kit features a rugged lightweight aluminium body that will withstand the harshest conditions while maintaining optimum manoeuvrability. Using this body kit you can build your perfect magfed paintball marker just the way you want it. Eliminating the opposition at long range is where a player with the T15 can really shine using the included 19/20 round First Strike magazines. Using magazines that offer a continuous feed design means you can fire through 20 rounds without having to remove or flip over your mag for more paintballs!

The realistic look and feel of the First Strike T15 body kit can be taken in any direction with the implementation of an in-stock 13/3000 psi air tank, Extendable Stock or Gas Thru buffer tube. Choose your barrel length and matching handguard. With the added ability to shoot .68 calibre and First Strike paintballs from a magazine or switch over to a hopper-fed design for extended gameplay, the First Strike T15 is truly a universal paintball gun. If you are a dedicated paintball player looking to take your game to the next level or someone looking to start things off right in the world of mag fed paintball guns then you want the First Strike T15 body kit Paintball Gun.


Personalize your T15 to your style of play – the First Strike T15 body kit accepts multiple “real steel” parts so you can adjust your gameplay, allowing for more modifications, and increasing functionality.

Dual Feed System

Players can choose to use our patented magazines or a
standard hopper. The dual feed allows players to quickly
switch between “hopper mode” and “magazine mode”
during play for optimum versatility.
1. A Standard Hopper
2. Magazine And Standard Hopper


  • 2 Piece Cast Aluminum Construction
  • Matte Black Finish
  • 1-to-1 AR Rifle Design
  • First Strike and .68 Caliber
  • Quick 2 Pin Strip Design
  • Fully Functional Charging Handle
  • 19/20 Round Continuous Feed First Strike Magazine
  • Magazine or Hopper Feed
  • 1 Magazine Included

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