Exalt Paintball

Since 2007, Exalt has been developing and innovating gear for the most demanding paintball player. Exalt has become one of the top suppliers in paintball sports in recent years. Exalt’s products are high quality and innovative.

One of Exalt’s popular product ranges is the Barrelmaid. A new-generation barrel cleaner that is not only simple in design but simply works better than anything else you can buy on the market. The Exalt Barrel Maid barrel cleaner has a side to rough the barrel and a fine side with a microfibre surface for re-polishing. The whole thing is made with the highest quality materials. You can easily throw the barrel cleaner into the washing machine when it gets dirty and it ends up being healthy, clean and immediately usable.

Since the introduction of the Barrelmaid, Exalt Paintball has continued to innovate launching a dozen new paintball products every year. Exalt is always good for a surprise, and its new products inspire players around the world year after year.