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About BattleGearUK

Looking for the best Magfed equipment and paintball supplies for your next game? Look no further than BattleGearUK! We are an established paintball company specialising in providing products and load-outs for Magfed paintballers. We attend a wide range of paintball events every year and we always bring the best gear and products to those events. So whether you’re a beginner or a veteran player, you can trust us to supply you with everything you need for an amazing paintball experience.

We believe that by listening to our customers, we can adapt and add new brands, products, and offers that players want. By doing this, we improve the overall customer experience and keep paintballers happy.

If you’re looking for a bit of excitement in your paintball shopping experience, BattleGearUK (BGUK) is the company for you! With products that are completely alien to the other mainstream paintball UK retailers, BGUK has something for everyone, from beginner-friendly products to ones that are designed for hardcore players. So if you’re looking for a truly unique experience, BGUK is the paintball company to go to!

Established in 2018 Battle Gear UK Limited was created by paintballers, Paul Strutt and Richard Widenbar, for Magfed paintballers. Attending events in person we support paintballers directly with equipment, upgrades and spare parts but also provide face to face help and advice. Meeting customers means we can listen to their requirements first-hand, ask questions and adapt accordingly. The rapid rise of Magfed Paintball means there are not always suitable products from the mainstream paintball brands. At BGUK we are constantly seeking out innovative products that will add to the magfed playing experience.

Paul Strutt / OMG Events organiser

Get to know Paul & Richard better.

Battle Gear UK is the brainchild of Paul Strutt, successful event organiser of OMG (Only Magfed Games) and Blacksheep Events, and site owner at District 23, Indoor Paintball/Airsoft Arena and more recently WarZone Airsoft & Paintball. BattlegearUK.com is yet another example of his continued commitment to UK Paintball aimed at providing quality paintball products and experiences.

“Being in business is challenging but I believe Battle Gear UK is what people want right now. If that changes then we will adapt to those changes. First and foremost are our customer’s wishes and to that end, their satisfaction is our focus”
Paul Strutt, Managing Director, Battle Gear UK

Richard Widenbar / SoHo52 Photographer

Battle Gear UK is built and maintained by Richard Widenbar, who is also known by the alias SoHo52 paintball photographer. Richard started out as a player ten years ago before transitioning to photographer around 2014. During his time he has photographed, videoed and occasionally Livefed events such as Paintfest, North Vs South and Mayhem Big Game as well as other events including OMG’s Events most recently.

“When Paul approached me to help with Battle Gear I saw an opportunity to be an active part of a growing community of people passionate about their sport.”
Richard Widenbar, Creative Director, Battle Gear UK

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Battle Gear UK is the official UK service centre for First Strike markers. Our technician has trained at First Strike’s facilities in Chicago, USA


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